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Is there any need to pay attention to tooth extraction 8?

How many teeth is wisdom tooth extracted 1 time to ensure safety?

In fact, many people have experienced swelling and pain caused by wisdom teeth. This has a negative impact on daily life. So how many teeth should wisdom teeth be removed at once to ensure safety and speed? The article below will answer this question in detail!

What are wisdom teeth?

Before explaining how many times wisdom teeth should be removed at once, let's find out what wisdom teeth are. Wisdom teeth, also known as tooth number 8, grow in last in the jaw. Usually it is the third largest tooth in terms of size and is located at the innermost part of the mouth. The most common age for wisdom teeth to grow in is 17 to 25.

Dentists usually detect wisdom teeth through X-rays. Almost everyone has two lower wisdom teeth and two upper wisdom teeth. For some people, wisdom teeth do not cause any serious problems. However, in some cases, teeth may be impacted due to lack of space or trapped in the bone.

Wisdom Teeth Aftercare: What You Need To Know | Australia Dental Clontarf

Cases requiring wisdom tooth removal

The number of times wisdom teeth are removed at once and when they need to be removed depends on the actual situation of each individual:

Wisdom teeth grow crookedly due to jawbone stopped developing while being subjected to chewing impact. This condition causes discomfort, pain and negatively affects facial structure if prolonged. Daily teeth cleaning and mouth washing also become difficult.

Adversely affect adjacent teeth due to misaligned growth. As wisdom teeth grow larger, they will squeeze and press against the root and adjacent teeth. As a result, when adjacent teeth are detected, they may even be damaged. Teeth may suffer from severe tooth decay leading to permanent loss.

Food residue and plaque buildup over time lead to inflammation of the gums, periodontitis, and cavities. Noticeable symptoms include bad breath, red and swollen gums, pus, and severe pain making it difficult to open the mouth. Repeated infections may even spread to soft tissues such as cheeks and ears.

How many times should wisdom teeth be removed at once?

The number of times wisdom teeth are removed at once depends on the dentist's recommendation after examination. Dentists will determine the most suitable solution based on the actual situation and health of patients. Under good health conditions, you can have all four wisdom teeth removed at once without worry.

Additionally, the number of times wisdom teeth are removed at once also depends on the dental clinic. Only large, prestigious brands with modern equipment can perform this procedure to standard. Wisdom tooth removal at prestigious dental clinics also prevents unwanted complications.

In fact, wisdom teeth do not play a role in chewing food. Therefore, removing multiple teeth at once is not a concern. Furthermore, this method helps patients save time and effort traveling to the dentist for four separate wisdom tooth removals.

Note before and after tooth extraction

Note before tooth extraction

Before considering tooth extraction, customers need to undergo general tests and X-rays. This helps the doctor determine the size, position, and degree of impact of the tooth. At the same time, customers also need to declare their health status truthfully so that the doctor can accurately advise on tooth extraction.

Before the extraction day, customers should keep a relaxed state of mind, get enough rest early. Avoid using alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer or smoking. Brush your teeth clean and take off the teeth to prevent infection. For those suffering from oral diseases, they need to be treated first before surgery.

According to specialists, customers should come to the clinic in the morning and have a light meal before extraction. For those under 18 or over 60 years old, they can bring their relatives along to avoid shock.

Note after tooth extraction

Tooth extraction will reduce pain and heal quickly if customers apply scientific care methods. Within the first half hour after extraction, you should bite a gauze pad to stop the bleeding. Avoid talking, joking a lot during this period. Refrain from eating for 2 to 4 hours in order to stabilize the wound and stop the bleeding.

Within one day after extraction, do not bite hard, suck your mouth because it is easy to cause broken blood clots. Avoid using sharp objects to scratch or touch the new wound. Do not drink beer, wine, carbonated water, smoke because it prolongs the wound longer than expected.

Apply pain relief methods as prescribed by the doctor. Ice in the first day after extraction to reduce swelling. Wrap a warm cloth for the next 3 days to promote blood circulation and speed up recovery. If the pain increases and does not decrease, you can take medicine according to the doctor's prescription.

Use soft, easy-to-swallow foods such as porridge, soup, noodles. Drink fruit juice to supplement vitamins. Limit the maximum amount of crunchy, hard, long, spicy and hot food.

By following the above instructions, you don't have to worry about tooth extraction and pain.

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