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Address for prestigious wisdom teeth extraction in Hanoi

Are you wondering where the best place in Hanoi to have your wisdom teeth removed is? Most people who come to any dental clinic in Hanoi will have this same question. To help you make a better decision, let's follow along with Home Dental Clinic to find out where to find a reliable wisdom teeth removal clinic in Hanoi!

What is wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom teeth removal is the process of removing the last molars from the back of the mouth. Typically, this procedure is also referred to as wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth only grow in adults, meaning ages 18 and over. The reason why we need to remove wisdom teeth is that they all grow at the back of the mouth. Since there is not enough space for them to develop, they usually get mixed up or get stuck in other teeth, resulting in pain and discomfort. In some cases, wisdom teeth growing in can also lead to swelling, bad breath, etc.

Removing the 8th molar can help you reduce the unnecessary pain and discomfort. Since they usually have no cosmetic or functional purpose. On the other hand, if they are left untreated, wisdom teeth can cause many dangerous complications. If not treated in time, it can cause infection, misalignment of teeth and destruction of the surrounding bone around the teeth, causing pain and discomfort.

What is wisdom teeth removal?

Where is the best place for wisdom teeth removal in Hanoi?

At Home Dental Clinic, we always provide the best experience with the most advanced technology in the dental industry to put the customers at ease when they come to the clinic:

Professional Medical Team

Home Dental Clinic has a team of experienced dentists with many years of experience in the field. They have enough knowledge and skills in dental treatment, such as dental implants, dental bridges, tooth extraction, etc., having performed thousands of wisdom teeth removal cases without causing pain, swelling and complications. All patients are satisfied with our services!

Be careful when getting your wisdom teeth removed at clinics that are not reliable. Choosing an inexperienced dentist will have a major impact on the surgery and a high risk of hidden complications:

  • Wisdom teeth are located deep inside and the space to intervene is very narrow. Therefore, skillful manipulation is needed when inserting the drill into the cavity. To ensure the soft tissue is broken safely.
  • The operation needs to be gentle and avoid breaking the adjacent teeth, breaking the gum.
  • It must be ensured that the wisdom teeth are not left behind, and that the tooth root does not sink into the jawbone. The correct procedure for wisdom tooth extraction must be followed to minimize the risk to the patient.

Modern equipment, German standard

Home Dental Clinic has modernly designed space, clean, convenient, and germ-free. That certainly makes customers feel more secure in deciding to choose us for their wisdom teeth removal.

Modern dental clinics will have advanced, modern equipment used. And this will ensure the most accurate diagnosis and treatment for the patient. The equipment must be sterilized before any procedure related to the teeth. This way, patients are less likely to get infected or have tooth decay, gum inflammation, etc.

Piezotome machine

We are using ultrasonic tooth extraction technology with the Piezotome machine, follow along in the video below: 

Receiving positive feedback from customers.

This is reflected in the customer searches on social networks, customer reviews on the clinic's own website. To increase trustworthiness, images of patient check-ins can be utilized. Besides that, feedback from acquaintances who have previously undergone dental treatments there can be referenced. 


Trustworthy media outlets – customers VIP trust.

Newspapers and television channels are a reliable source of information for everyone. In order to receive information with high accuracy, one should choose official newspapers and national television channels such as Vietnamnet, Dantri, and Doanh Nhan …

On these electronic information channels, not only does it provide useful information about dental care, but it also helps you to choose the most reliable dental clinic, allowing you to be completely at ease when doing dentistry.

The press is talking about us

Where is the most reliable dental clinic in Hanoi? 

Home Dental is an esteemed and reliable dental clinic located in Hanoi, at 30 Trieu Viet Vuong. At Home Dental, you can expect to experience a luxurious and comfortable consultation space. With the highest quality of service and international standards, there is also a private, clean space for patients to feel at ease.

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The best doctors

The doctors at Home Dental are dedicated to creating perfect smiles for their customers and always work with enthusiasm and dedication. They also continuously strive to improve and develop their own expertise.

The team of doctors at Home Dental are highly experienced and have graduated from renowned universities both domestically and internationally. A notable example is Dr. Nguyễn Anh Ngọc, who holds a prestigious degree from the University of Hamburg, with twelve years of experience and work at CHLB Germany. Thus, it can be said that Dr. Ngọc has meticulously selected the finest treatment services and found the best equipment to build a German standard clinic in the heart of Hanoi, together with his colleagues.

Modern facilities

The equipment used at Home Dental is imported from abroad and meets international standards, absolutely refusing to settle for anything of low quality. For tooth extraction services, Home Dental employs modern technology to ensure ultimate safety.

When undergoing treatment here, you will be inspected and treated in the utmost privacy. This is why many customers have chosen to use Home Dental's oral care services. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the wonderful services provided here.

Attentive customer care

At Home Dental, we have established an international standard of customer care. You will not be disappointed with the experiences you will have here. Furthermore, there is a warranty policy after dental work.

After returning home, our customer care team will follow up with you in your dental care process. They will contact you regularly through the phone. If any issues arise, you will be scheduled for a re-checkup and treatment as soon as possible.

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How much does tooth extraction cost?

The cost of teeth extraction at Home Dental is commensurate with the quality of the service. The cost of teeth extraction using the latest technology will especially surprise you. Many customers have been stunned at their bill. And the service is guaranteed to put the customer's benefit first. Therefore, you can be confident having your teeth extracted here.

We hope with the above information, you will be able to choose a trustworthy dental clinic and no longer have to think too much about where to have your teeth extracted. Connect with us now to get an appointment as soon as possible via hotline: 0914.66.56.56

Other services: 

  • Implantation for those with missing teeth
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Home Dental Crowns
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Fillings.
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