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The procedure for extracting wisdom teeth without pain takes place as follows

Misaligned wisdom teeth cause soreness and many dangerous complications. Then Does wisdom tooth extraction hurt? What is the Method and Procedure for Painless Wisdom Tooth Extraction? The following article will help you have better answers to the above questions.

Extraction of wisdom teeth is a basic dental surgery, with the purpose of extracting one or more wisdom teeth (also known as molars) which typically grow inside the same jaw. A wisdom tooth needs to be extracted when they present issues directly affecting oral health.

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Tips for painless tooth extraction at Home Dentistry

The procedure for extracting wisdom teeth without pain takes place as follows:

  1. Clinical examination and surgical preparation

Before deciding to extract wisdom teeth, dentists usually conduct a clinical examination and consult patients on the steps of preparation. Dentists need to check the patient's X-ray dental film carefully to be able to see the development of the wisdom tooth to be extracted, from which to form a treatment plan and deal with it.

Patients also need to disclose their health status and allergic reactions to the surgeon in order to prepare for any situations that may occur during wisdom tooth extraction, or to base on them to prescribe the suitable medication for the patient to use right after the extraction.

  1. During the wisdom tooth extraction

Typically, the wisdom tooth extraction process will take an average of 25-30 minutes. Wisdom tooth extraction without pain because you will be under the influence of anesthesia. Depending on the condition and current health characteristics of the patient, the surgeon will recommend using anesthetics.

After the patient rinses his mouth with a special mouthwash, the doctor will perform an antiseptic of the wisdom tooth extraction area. Then, the anesthetic will be applied to the extraction area. Immediately after the anesthetic takes effect (about 5 minutes after injection), the surgeon will proceed to extract the tooth by cutting the ligament and opening up not enough space to use the forceps to pull out the tooth.

The surgeon will suture the wound so that the patient's wound can heal quickly. If the doctor uses self-resolving sutures, you will not need to return, but if the ordinary sutures are used, you will need to return to the clinic in about 2 weeks to remove the sutures. Gauze may be used to stop bleeding after the extraction.

  1. After wisdom tooth extraction

You will feel slightly uncomfortable after wisdom tooth extraction. Swelling, pain and bleeding are normal symptoms, and will end after a short period of time.

The doctor will advise you on how to treat the pain, with medication or pain relievers. Once you feel more comfortable, you can go home.

Please note that the feeling after the extraction will still be relatively uncomfortable, so ask someone to take you home and avoid driving yourself in this state. For the rest of the day, you will need to make it easy. You may spend the rest of the day sleeping or resting in bed or walking around.

  • The first 24 hours: Blood clots will form.
  • Between 2 and 3 days: Swelling and discomfort will subside. 
  • After 7 days: You can visit the dentist to get stitches removed. 
  • Between 7 and 10 days: The feeling of stiffness and pain will disappear. 
  • After 2 weeks: Swelling and pain will reduce significantly. 

Recovery time varies for everyone. If the blood clot is expelled from the wound or the wound is infected, the recovery process may take longer.

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Where is wisdom teeth extraction not painful?

Home Dental Clinic is a place that has helped thousands of customers remove their “annoying” tooth decay painlessly. With the skillful application of modern technology, the dentists at Home Dental Clinic are able to perform pain-free tooth extractions.

According to Dr. Nguyen Anh Ngoc, Clinical Director of Home Dental Clinic, “up to 95% of customers do not need pain medication after tooth extraction,” which is the result of the experienced dentists at Home Dental Clinic.

The reasons why Home Dental Clinic confidently stands as one of the leading tooth extraction service providers include:

Pain-free tooth extraction at Home Dental Clinic.

The expertise and professionalism of the dentists at Home Dental Clinic

First, with the help of anesthesia, the dentists perform “training” to numb the area of the extraction. At this point, the customer will no longer feel any pain during the surgery. 

Most importantly, the dentists possess high technical skills, rich experience in performing fast and accurate extractions. To date, the team of dentists at Home Dental Clinic has successfully completed thousands of tooth extraction cases, whether it’s one, two, three or even four teeth at the same time, still ensuring the safety criteria.

The procedure for extracting wisdom teeth without pain takes place as follows - Nha Khoa Home

Modern, sterile equipment while extracting

The most modern equipment for tooth extraction is available at Home Dental Clinic to quickly, avoid fractures and heal quickly.

At the same time, Home Dental Clinic also pays strict attention to the aseptic conditions in the dental office. The equipment, tools and a fully illuminated operating room must meet the strictest requirements and ensure painless extraction, safe, gentle.

Psychological therapy for customers

Most customers feel that “tooth extraction is very scary and dangerous,” with fear of pain when extracting teeth being a common psychology of most customers. In addition, many people are afraid of nerve damage, fear of infection, fear of complications, etc.

This psychology will make customers always in a state of insecurity, affecting not small to their treatment process. Therefore, at Home Dental Clinic, before surgery, the doctor will explain in detail the worries of customers, help customers trust and feel secure when performing extraction.

To help customers relax during the tooth extraction process, the doctors and assistants will always be considerate and encouraging to customers. In particular, for “bold” customers, family members are often encouraged to hold hands and help keep your mind steady and strong.

After spitting, there are no painful secrets.

Proper care of the mouth after a tooth extraction is essential to the overall healing process and to reduce pain and discomfort. At Nha Khoa Home, the experts provide valuable advice and tips to ensure that you do not experience pain after a tooth extraction. 

The staff will also provide you with instructions on diet, hygiene and oral care after the extraction. You will receive regular inquiries from the customer care staff and be scheduled for a follow-up appointment to check on your progress. If you follow the instructions given by the staff, it is more than 95% likely that you will not experience pain after a tooth extraction.

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