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How much does Dental Implant cost? (updated)

Dental Implant is a comprehensive dental restoration method that helps you improve the chewing function and aesthetics of your teeth. So how much does a Dental Implant treatment cost?

Dental Implant is an artificial tooth implant technique to restore missing teeth. The feature of this method is the use of Implant roots, which have the ability to limit jaw bone loss, to serve as pillars to support the bridge so that the new teeth will have the same appearance and function as real teeth.

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How much does a dental implant cost?

Latest single Dental Implant price list

Dental Implants are often expensive because the cost of imported materials is quite high. 

Here is latest price list of single teeth from Home Dental:

Service Price
Straumann Implant (Switzerland) 34.900.000 VND
Tiologic Implant (Germany) 29.000.000 VND
Dentium Implant (USA) 19.900.000 VND

How much does a full jaw Implant cost?

Normally, full-mouth Implant is done by All On 4 or All On 6 technique. All On 4 is a technique using 4 Implant posts on 1 jaw. Similarly, All On 6 uses 6 Implant posts on 1 jaw. 

Full jaw implant is suitable for people who have lost a large number of teeth or people who must have all their teeth removed because of dental disease and are prescribed by a doctor to restore with full jaw Implant. In addition, for those who have lost a lot of teeth but do not want to use removable dentures, the full-jaw Implant is definitely an appropriate choice.

Cost of general examination and consultation before Dental Implant

The examination and consultation before Dental Implant at Home Dental is totally free. The doctor will examine your oral condition to determine the most effective implant regimen.

In addition, during the examination, if the doctor discovers that you have any dental disease, you may have to pay extra for treatment of this disease. Common dental diseases that need thorough treatment are pulpitis, tooth decay, gingivitis, etc. If you do not treat dental disease before Dental Implant, the disease can cause the wound in the implant area to become infected and dangerous for you.

Factors affecting the price of dental implants

Dental Implant treatment has such a high price because there are many objective factors that affect the cost. Here are the reasons that affect the price of dental implants:

Modern technology machines needed in the Dental Implant procedure

Dental Implant is an invasive method that invades directly into the gums, so the process must be supported by advanced machines. The necessary machines for this technique are Implant surgery machines, film cameras, etc. All machines must be authentic and highly qualified products and must be sterilized according to the standards required by the Department of Health. This leads to a higher cost of Dental Implants compared to other tooth restoration methods.

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Titanium material used when implanting is very precious

Implant posts and abutments are manufactured from very precious Titanium material. This material is not currently produced in the country, so it can only be imported from abroad. If imported from big and reputable companies, the cost of the Implant teeth and posts will not be cheap. The price of a Titanium post is very commensurate with the quality and the benefits that this type of post brings to customers. Implant posts not only integrate into the bone quickly but also very safely, minimizing infection and rejection.

There are 3 popular types of Implant posts today, which are:

Straumann Implant post (Switzerland)

This is a high-class Implant post made by Straumann Group. Straumann is among the top quality medical equipment today. This group has more than 50 years of experience in the field of manufacturing medical equipment. Straumann posts have many outstanding advantages. The structure of this post is very special with the surface being meticulously treated with advanced SLActive technology. This has helped shorten the bone integration process, making it more convenient. It only takes about 6 weeks for the Implant area to heal. Moreover, it has the implant success rate of almost 100%.

Nobel Biocare Implant (USA)

This type of post has a harmonious shape, good contact surface and is very suitable for thin bone cases. Not only that, the Nobel Biocare post is also covered with a TiUnite biofilm, so the integration process with the bone will be faster. In particular, the Implant posts and abutment are firmly connected, providing the ability to eat and chew authentically.

Implant Dentium (USA)

The structure of the Implant post includes ten spirals combined with sandblasting surface treatment technique, so it has high adhesion and aesthetics. The process of integrating the post with the bone and surrounding tissues is very quick and stable because the contact area of the post surface with the jaw bone is quite large. The durability of the Dentium Implant post is not inferior to any other post if the user knows how to preserve and take care of their teeth.

Currently, on the market, there are many dentists that use cheap Implant posts and abutments to reduce service costs. Cheap Dental Implants are often manufactured from poorly qualified materials that were not tested for quality, so the risk when using them is very high.

The dangerous situation that you may encounter due to the use of cheap dental implants is infection of the Implant area, rejection of the post, which negatively affects the surrounding teeth. When you encounter these conditions, it will cost you more money to fix. More importantly, you have to experience pain, discomfort and face the risk of tooth loss. Thus, you should not trust these cheap services.

Complicated Dental Implant technique

Implant technique requires the doctor to determine the precise Implant location and appropriate level of implantation. The doctor must be careful in observing the results of the dental scan so that the Implant does not touch the nerve. Not only that, when placing the porcelain crown on the Implant post, the doctor will have to be very careful not to create a gap, avoiding harm to the teeth.

Therefore, the performing doctor must be a person with good expertise and rich experience to be eligible to conduct this method. Of course, the cost to pay for a professional and skilled doctor is not low, so the general price of Implant is also increased.

The policy of each dental facility

Dental facilities often have policies and promotions to attract customers. If you want to save money on Implant, learn about these policies in advance and choose a dental clinic with a reasonable cost and promotion.

What is the Dental Implant procedure like?

Step 1: General examination and treatment plan

Before performing the Implant, the patient needs to have a general examination. After the results are available, the doctor will create a specific treatment plan and advise the patient carefully.

Step 2: Perform pre-surgery steps

The patient will be injected with anesthesia in the area where the Implant is to be placed so that they do not feel pain and discomfort during the procedure. All equipment supporting the installation of the implant are carefully cleaned to ensure sterility.

Step 3: Implant surgery

The doctor's first operation will be to dissect the gum mucosa to expose the bone area of the Implant position. Next, the doctor will drill the bone based on the built-in size. After drilling, the doctor will put the Implant in the appropriate position and close the flap.

Step 4: Place the Abutment on the Implant post

Patients will need to wait about 3 to 6 months after surgery to re-examine and proceed with the next steps. The doctor will check the status of the implant post and see if it has fully integrated into the jawbone. If the integration goes smoothly, the patient will be fitted with a healing post. Gum tissue will grow around this healing post within 3 to 5 days. Next is the step of placing the Abutment on the Implant post. At this time, the doctor will also take an impression of the tooth and let the patient choose the appropriate porcelain tooth color.

Step 5: Restoration porcelain teeth and finish treatment

Information about the patient's dental impression and tooth color will be used to make porcelain teeth. When the processing is finished, the doctor will check the teeth. If satisfactory, the patient will be fixed with porcelain teeth and finish the Dental Implant process. However, patients still need to have regular follow-up appointments with the doctor.

So Home Dental has provided the price list of the Dental Implant service. For more information about the price list of Dental Implants, please contact Home Dental via hotline 091 466 56 56. Home Dental’s team of consultants are always ready to answer all your questions.

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